Monday, March 20, 2023

With the newly updated AutoStar Netlink, you can upload inventory from AutoStar to your website making it extremely easy to manage your online inventory.

Welcome to AutoStar NetLink: Your online solution to web based inventory! From your own customized Netlink Portal you are now able to extract your inventory from AutoStar Fusion and synchronize it with your own website and send it to all your applicable 3rd party vendors. Remember, your inventory will refresh through AutoStar NetLink every 15 minutes, so any changes in Fusion will be reflected online relatively quickly. All 3rd Party Inventory Pushes will post at 1am every morning.

NetLink Updates:

Craigslist Integration now testing - We will soon be integrating Craigslist with AutoStar Netlink! From your NetLink Portal you will be able to directly copy each car listing HTML and post it directly into Craigslist, maintain the same style, images, and information from NetLink into the post.

NetLink 1.2 Upgrade now testing - listed improvements include improved pager on front end views, copy listing option, view listing link on edit listing pages, refactored mView control for better performance. 

If you ever have question regarding your Netlink Portal, please feel free to contact us though the email form or call AutoStar Design Services at 817-439-6138.

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